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The First “Woof”


   Welcome one and all to Vinatici.com, a proud subsidiary of Mishmashers Publishing. My name is Nicholas J. McConnaughay, co-owner of the Mishmashers brand and founder of Vinatici.com. 

   I hope all of you are enjoying the website and its many facets, and I am even more excited to show you what the website has in-store. Some of you may know our sister-site Readers Digested, a website of the same style and formula, but with a more horrifying approach. Vinatici won’t shy away from whatever a story beckons, but is a website meant more for fantasy and general fiction.

   On launch, Vinatici.com features premiere content from Mishmashers Publishing. Whereas Readers Digested houses our horror stories like Lunacy’s Dance and Catherine: Forever with Love, Vinatici.com will house The Aeonian Fantasy‘s novels like Katalene the Hollow and The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief, as well as The Canes series, including The Canes Files and The Canes Awaken respectively.

   The website itself will specialize in offering a platform for genre readers and writers alike, as well as shining a light on creators outside our own umbrella. Consider this a “woof” as we aim to earn our first official “howler”.

Cotton: The Spinster’s Daughter

One of the flagship stories on Vinatici is the novel Cotton: The Spinster’s Daughter. Generally speaking, we have a standard approach to Mishmashers Publishing we follow with publication. We publish. We sell on Smashwords, Amazon, on our Subscription Service, and through Conventions around the Midwest, and then, we make them available on the [Free] Stories section so everyone can enjoy them. Cotton, on the other-hand, will do the opposite of that.

   Starting with the prologue, readers can enjoy Cotton: The Spinster’s Daughter on Vinatici.com‘s [Free Stories section, on us. We hope, if you enjoy it, you will consider buying a physical or digital copy upon its official release, however. The story will be written by my wife Beccah and I, offering a story for teenagers and adults alike!


   Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother is the third installment in The Aeonian Fantasy series by myself. It will arrive later this year. I would say I am about halfway through the novel now and feel it is in really good shape. I can’t wait to share it with all of you! The next “Howler” should have more information. This will be the first post-launch novel by Vinatici and the fifth overall!

The Canes III

   The Canes Files arrived in 2018, whereas The Canes Awaken came out in early-2019. Scott Moore and I have worked hard to keep up with that schedule no matter how difficult. This year will be no different. The first draft of The Canes III is finished and the novel will arrive in the Fall. 

Reviews & Interviews

   Not only do we believe in healthy, constructive criticism (which, we think, in itself, is a celebration of said artist), we want to offer a spotlight to writers, filmmakers, and all other artists. We hope to offer you a smorgasbord of insights and opinion, and talented minds. A smorgasbord, I say! 



Daydreamer’s Hallow

   Like Readers Digested‘s anthology series Rabies & GermsVinatici.com also wants an anthology series we can lug around at Comic Cons and help offer a platform for fellow fantasy writers! We are not ready to introduce anything major about it now though. We want to really nail it with Rabies & Germs and not jump into too many projects at once. We are interested in your submissions though. Make sure to contact us with any questions you might have or any contributions you might want to make!